TIGER TOP MUSIC Website is Go!

Tiger Top proudly inaugurates its website tigertopmusic.com. Located within are varying collections of music and videos that challenge the senses and celebrate the possibilities of electronica.

The ARCADIA EP ventures into the gaming world. It’s a small album that touches on many gaming styles and tones. Accompanying videos can be found in the Videos page of this site.

YOUNG B presents a variety of textures and vibrations, and is mostly themed around the emotions of love and lust. It’s a tender album, full of good feelings. Sometimes underwater, sometimes outerspacey. The B stands for Barnaby, a young pup that would run forever if he could.

TALES FROM BATTLESHIP ISLAND is the home of unfinished tracks, early creations and my foray into the realm of remixes and mashups. It’s an eclectic mix, from my very first creation of the modern era, Slomolaserbeams, to the glorious Dyomattian Anthem, commissioned by the artist Dyomattia Flight. The not-to-be-missed 13-minute Death Star Showdown is an ambitious mashup of overlays (and probable copyright infringement – but it’s so fun). Everything here was made with love. Tread this album with an open heart and rewards shall be bestowed.

Please have a look around and enjoy my artistic offerings to the world. Any comments, concerns, etc., can reach me through the contacts link. Thank you!

Stylee of Tiger Top