Adding a Little ESG to My Diet

I’ve been searching for new music this year, with a focus on diverse representation in caucasion male dominated genres. This entry is part of my journey back in time, to the post-punk, new wave movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Despite not having any notable commercial success, ESG maintains a solid place in influencing many acts that emerged from that time, and beyond. Originally comprised of four South Bronx sisters, who are women of color, ESG presents a minimalist tinny dance sound that reminds me of Luscious Jackson, The Slits, and a little bit of Stereolab. I am heartened and excited by their sound – it’s exactly what I crave in music. Yet I’m disheartened by my presumptive notions that their success was stymied by their gender and their skin color. I am pleased to read about how beloved they are by musicians and fans alike. Let’s get to it, you gotta check them out!

This is Moody. Um, yes!

You’re No Good. Yup!

Here’s what is considered the most sampled song ever. It’s called U.F.O, and according to lead vocalist Renee Scroggins, was only recorded because there were a few minutes remaining on the tape whilst recording Moody and You’re No Good. Wow!

I hope y’all dig this. Will post more as I make my discoveries.

XOXO Stylee of Tiger Top

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