K-POP in my House

Oh man, I’ve been getting a little distracted with all this K-Pop I’ve been checking out. After watching Chef & My Fridge on Netflix, the episode with Jeongyeon and Tzuyu from TWICE started an eye-opening jaunt down a K-Pop rabbit hole. Two weeks later and I can safely claim that I know more about BTS than any other Gen-Xer! If you want to take a look and listen to what I’ve got going on, here are three dazzling videos for songs that have blown me away. The inspiration is tangible for sure.

Here is TWICE with TT

Yeah, kinda awesome, right? Check out these bad boys, the Bangtan Boys, aka BTS. If anyone needs to know, J-Hope is my favorite. He’s third from the right in the screencap. He also wears the Bugs Bunny sweater…

I know, I know!!! But this next band, EXO, has my FAVORITE track thus far. I don’t know these dudes too well, but the remix of their song Power is everything! Check this out…

Fighting robots, pretty colors! And such sweet synthy goodness. I think I’m gonna be in K-Pop land for quite a while 🙂

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